About Us
Our company established in early year 2012 as a subsidiary company of Syarikat Kota Chain Saw (founded in year 1983 based In Johor) specialising in food processing machinery / equipments (Commercial & Domestic) and food & beverage business set up consultancy.

Currently, we serve as a one-stop centre for food processing machineries / equipments not limited to up front food processing and operation like café and bakery, beverage and ingredients processing, kiosk and push cart accessories, catering, butchery, etc; but also furnish food ramp up finish process like display, storage and packaging. Besides, with many years of experience in machinery sales and service industry, we have set up a strong after sales supports and repair team which enables customers’ operation in smooth and efficient condition.  

On top, we have our in house chef provide technical knowhow on the product as well as consultancy on food and beverage business set up like restaurant, café, kiosk, push cart, nigh market (“Pasar Malam”) or even “housewife” business running at home. We executes and strongly believe that skill transferable concept enables customer’s business are duplicable and expandable globally.

Overall, our company owns a team of sales, technical supports as well as chef consultant. We can provide the better answer for any f & b processing enquiries and food knowledge, professional after sales services solving the maintenance problem which facilitates our valued customer succeed in food business / industry and we believe a long term partnership.

本公司成立于2012年初,属于 哥打链锯(成立于1983年,设在柔佛州)附属公司,专门从事食品加工机械/设备(商业及家用)和食品 / 饮料企业设立咨询。



总体而言,本公司拥有一支销售,技术支持以及厨师的顾问。我们可以提供任何有关食品处理以及食品知识知询,专业的售后服务,维修问题,这将有利于食品企业 / 行业不断地取得进步与成功,更重要的是成为我们长期的合作伙伴。
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